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15 Nov , 2022 - 18 Nov , 2022

Available on request



The unparalleled Ahilya Fort is possibly one of the most romantic spots. An impressive fortress perched high above the sacred River Narmada, Ahilya is an enchanting, comforting and beautiful place to stay. Arriving in the sleepy riverside town of Maheshwar, slowly winding through the town and up the hill to the fort, there is an intrinsic sense of spirituality and an insight into untouched rural life.

From the garden and terrace the views are spectacular at any time of day; sunrise to the east casts a calm mistiness across the river, sunset in the west sets the fortress and the ghats below ablaze in a bright copper light, and all the while chanting floats up from the neighbouring Hindu temple, which just celebrated its 200th birthday.

The Happyness Company, in collaboration with Encompass, brings you this spectacular experience.

We can’t wait to take you on this journey!



  • Indore Airport to Ahilya Fort Drive ( 2hrs ).
  • In the small cobbled courtyard, protected by the Nandi bull, guests are welcomed and lead through a small tucked away door which leads into the fort for Check-in.
  • The views over the Narmarda River from Garden / Terrace.
  • Enjoy Lunch in Fort at Poshak Wada.Rest of the afternoon is free to explore this mystical fort.
  • Evening: Descent to the ghats to board a comfortably appointed hand-made boat to ancient temple, Baneshwar.
  • Have Tea Biscuits on the boat and watch Sun-Set on Holy Narmada.
  • Late Evening: A special Aarti and Darshan just for the group.
  • Dinner : Candlelight Veg
  • Dinner at Boliya Chhatri.
    Return to the hotel

  • Breakfast at Fort.
  • 1.5hrs Drive from Fort to Mandu.
  • 3-4 hours wander among the monuments which are littered across the plateau and along the edges of ravines and lakes.
  • Lunch: Royal Baz Bahadur picnic, a delicious al fresco luncheon while you take in a panoramic view of the valley below
  • Late afternoon return to the hotel.
  • Evening: Enjoy dinner at the Farm, to give you an authentic farm to the table experience.

  • Post Breakfast a 5 minutes walk to Rehwa Society.
  • Rehwa is an NGO, has traditional wooden hand looms.
  • All surplus supports the adjoining Ahilya School.
  • Lunch: Enjoy Maheshwar’s traditional food at Poshak Wada.
  • Afternoon: Free to explore the option of Pool, Spa and massages at the Fort.
  • Late Evening: The Moonlight Promenade on a Hand Poled Boat, magical hour under the stars on the Narmada.
  • You will be hand paddled up the river through hundreds of flickering lamps, as you are serenaded by local musicians.
  • On your return, you will walk back up to the Fort where your dinner awaits ( Option to arrange Car).

  • After breakfast, you will be transferred to the airport to board your flight.

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