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17 Jul , 2022

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Chakra Healing With Sitar

Chakra Healing With Sitar

While there are hundreds of chakras in the body, there are 7 major chakras, which we typically deal with when it comes to healing. They begin at the bottom of your spine and go up to the top of your head. The goal behind the opening, clearing, and balancing of these chakras is to create a balance between soul, health, and the universe. The chakras at the lower part of your body correspond to issues of material life, while your upper chakras are focused upon more spiritual issues.

These energy centers or chakras govern the core emotional and physical function of your being. When blocked, your vital force is unable to circulate, resulting in stress and diseases freely. When these Chakras are open and balanced, there is an infinite flow of life force energy in the body, resulting in health, abundance, and peace.

The Happyness Company exclusively brings you a phenomenal method of chakra healing that fuses the musical notes of Sitar to bring about peace and tranquility in all aspects of your life. In this workshop, one will experience the activating, balancing, and opening of chakras with guided meditation and sitar music.

The Happyness Company, in collaboration with Angel Miracle , brings you this spectacular experience.

Chakra meditation and music

Sound is one of the most important mediums through which we can connect with our subtle bodies. Sound is the one of the most important mediums through which we can connect with our subtle bodies. Chakras are junctions where nerves cross each other in our body. Every time you breathe in, each Chakra vibrates 600 times. Our body has seven major Chakras. The music that will be presented here is Indian classical music. This music consists of seven basic notes which correspond to each of the Chakras in our body.

The relationship between the notes and the chakras is below:


A specific combination of notes forms a Raga. The dominant notes in the Raga correspond to the Chakras as mentioned above and help in activating and balancing the specific Chakras. For example, Raag Rageshree helps in balancing the Anahata chakra as the dominant note in Raag Rageshree is Ma which targets the Anahata chakra.


This workshop will use the soothing sounds of the Sitar as a stringed instrument to create positive and joyful vibrations. It will start with creating breath awareness, followed by the concept of "Naad". The music presented here is Indian classical music, which in itself is thousands of years old and is also mentioned in the Samavedas in the form of mantras and hymns. This music has incredible healing powers and provides a wonderful medium for relaxation and chakra balancing.

  • Mental and physical relaxation
  • The release of anxiety and pent-up emotions
  • Setting positive goals and beliefs
  • Intentions aligning with your inner self, and much more

Nikhil Patwardhan has over 35 years of experience with the Sitar and Indian classical music. He started his Hindustani Classical music training at the age of five with his grandmother, Smt Sarojinidevi Patwardhan, and father, Shri Kumar Patwardhan. At the age of fifteen, he received the Center for Cultural Resources and Training scholarship from the Government of India. He started receiving formal training from Pandit Parthapratim Chatterjee, belonging to the Maihar Gharana.

Nikhil has performed several concerts at multiple venues in India as well as internationally, including in the US, UK, Japan, Dubai, and Indonesia, among others. He also teaches Sitar and conducts music therapy sessions with the Sitar. Nikhil has a Masters's degree in Electrical Engineering from the USA and works as a manager at a reputed MNC in the field of semiconductors and electronics.

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