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January 14 - January 25

Available on request



Famously known as the Ghost Cat, the Snow Leopard is one of the most elusive animals to spot. Seen in the wild in the magnificent Spiti and Ladakh Valley in India, the snow leopard is wildly sought after by wildlife enthusiasts, photographers and adventurers alike. Our Snow Leopard Expedition combines the joy of wildlife spotting, photography and the mesmerising Spiti valley in the winter. It’s an experience like none other.

Spiti in the winters is a different world. Frozen roads, temperatures dipping down to -25°C, the chance of spotting the snow leopard and the milky-way shining on the snowcapped peaks, is an experience like none other. Our team has a combined experience of over 35 summer and winter expeditions in the valley and is Wilderness Advanced First Aid certified, your safety is our top priority as we navigate through the valley.

We’ve handpicked the best available hotels and home stays along the way so that you are given the best care at all times to navigate the harsh environment.

The Happyness Company, in collaboration with OneLatitude, brings you this spectacular experience.

We can’t wait to take you on this journey!



  • Welcome to Winter Wonderland!
  • Drive through thick pine forests with views of snow capped mountains to arrive at Theog
  • Settle in, meet your team. Basic vehicle and equipment check.
  • Safety and convoy briefing.

  • Drive along River Satluj to Kalpa.
  • Get your first taste of snow driving, a perfect warm-up to the days to come.
  • Experience a breathtaking sun-set over Kinner Kailash.
  • Kalpa is an ideal altitude for acclamatisation.
  • Spend a cozy evening around a bon-fire.

  • Wake up to negative temperatures, and breathtaking views of 6000 meter plus snow capped peaks. Possible fresh snow fall.
  • Marathon drive to Kaza.
  • Drive on what was once the Worlds Most Treacherous Roads.
  • Cross a frozen waterfall at malling.
  • Night temperature expected is - 20°C.

  • Wake up to a nice warm breakfast prepared by your hosts.
  • Winter is when you get to spend time with locals, and experience their harsh winter lives.
  • Help clear the roof of snow and join in daily activities.
  • Walk to Kaza Monastar.
  • Short drive today to admire the breathtaking beauty.

  • Drive from Kaza to Chicham via Hikkim and Langza if road-conditions allow. The entire road is expected to be frozen at this time.
  • Visit Ki Monastary, a different world in the winters.

Snow Leopard Spotting:

  • Along with driving, our 3 days in Chicham will be about making day trips to spot the elusive snow leopard.
  • Our spotters will be organising day trips, with piping hot packed lunches and tea to set-up our sighting spots.
  • Sighting could be on foot or by vehicle..


  • Tethys Himalayan Den is the most comfortable property in the entire region. Spend time gazing out of the window at life going by.
  • Join the locals of Chicham in their daily rituals, or just spend time with them having chai sitting around a bukhari.

  • Today we start our return journey.
  • Drive from Chicham to Tabo via Kaza.
  • Fuel up at one of the worlds highest fuel pump in Kaza.
  • The homestay today will be basic with dry toilets.
  • Explore Tabo Monastary, a different spectacle in the Winters.

  • Our return marathon drive, on the same way route that we took to enter spiti.
  • Arrive at Kalpa by evening.

  • Check-out and drive back to Delhi or Chandigarh.

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