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23 Jul , 2022

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Do you relish cocktails? Have you tried your hand at it but not sure how to master the impressive bartending skills and perfection in making drinks? Our Classic Cocktail Masterclasses are the ultimate way to celebrate with family, friends, or colleagues while learning how to make your favorite drinks from our expert mixologists.

Take a break from the monotony and get to one of the most opulent hotels to reward yourself with an evening of gastronomic flavor and gratification. Explore the true definition of flavor in our beautiful mixology workshops at Courtyard by Marriott Bengaluru, Outer Ring Road.

Our master mixologists will teach you the technique of creating extravagant cocktails with a drop of wit, a pint of knowledge, and entertainment, to make unique drinks that you can recreate at home.

The Happyness Company, in collaboration with Courtyard by Marriott brings you this spectacular experience.



The course covers bar basics 101, including the insides and framework, alcoholic and non-alcoholic materials, mixology basics, fundamental cocktail mixing methods, and home bar setup. A complete structure describing the densities of the various liquors, and making the right choice of glassware, will be taught to you while stacking different beverages.

Choose your spirit of preference from the bar; follow the recipes and suggestions from the amazing bartenders from a multitude of delectable drinks. There's no better location to indulge in a superb range of cocktails than here, which uses only the best seasonal, raw, and zero-degree ingredients.

To the inexperienced, understanding the bartending methods required for the art of mixing cocktails might appear to be a daunting endeavor. Should I shake or stir? Jigger or free pour? What should I put on top as a garnish? We will go through why we use them and how to prepare them so you may confidently make great beverages for the rest of your life.

Discover the secrets of inventive cocktail mixing while also cracking the code to essential techniques of pouring and shaking, stirring, layering, garnishing, and so much more to engage the senses of taste and scent.

Once you have mastered these bartending skills, you can improve your performance by blending them into your cocktail creations while also understanding the essence of pairing food with your liquor. You could shake two drinks at once, shake one while stirring another, shake while garnishing, and so on.

Rest assured, you will never again look at a cocktail menu the same way.

Following your private mixology lesson, retreat to an exclusive corner of the bar to completely tantalize your palate with a gastronomic spread of appetizers specially curated for you and enjoy a pleasant evening making memories with fellow cocktail enthusiasts to end your evening on a high note.

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